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Steam Coils are commonly used in areas that reach freezing temperatures. They have a single tube design and are similar to water coils. They are resistant to 55°F and higher.


For temperatures below 55°F Steam, Distribution Coils are recommended. Known as non-freeze coils, these coils have a dual tube design, where the external tube protects the inside tube from freezing and breaking. Steam Distribution Coils work by having steam entering the inner tube and then having it distributed slowly through small holes to the outer tube, protecting the condensate from freezing and heating the fins.


Steam Distribution Coils Replacement

Extremely low temperatures put a huge strain on HVAC systems to maintain normal heating conditions. The problem exists because many HVAC systems are not optimized to handle extreme weather. Further, winter can make HVAC inefficiencies all the more glaring because poor maintenance and performance issues may not have been taken care of in advance. And if your HVAC is not working properly, electrical costs can increase dramatically.


Steam distribution coil replacement will increase your HVAC unit’s performance and reduce your heating costs. Steam Coils need to be able to withstand high pressures while also maintaining the strength and capacity to handle ever-changing levels of temperature and humidity, so Rahn Industries manufactures steam coils that can withstand 25lbs per square inch of pressure and temperatures up to 240°F. Additionally, we can make improved drainage pans to minimize damage associated with freezing condensate.

Steam Coils

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