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Proper refrigeration is of the utmost necessity for several industries, but especially the food industry. Any deviation from ideal temperature ranges during storing or transporting can cause huge amounts of spoiled food and billions of dollars lost. The total supply chain of food items can be lengthy, and the utmost care and attention must be paid to proper refrigeration and HVAC systems from beginning to end.


HVAC refrigeration coils are a type of evaporator coil that allow for outside air to be cooled to a preset temperature in a matter of seconds. This process relies on the use of refrigerants to chill coils before air is passed over them. Excess liquids and gases are removed from the evaporation process quickly, which drops the air temperature. When this process occurs, fans typically force out the cooled air into an enclosed area that is sealed to ensure temperature levels remain within a certain range.


Refrigeration Coil Replacement

Potential problems can arise if the coils become damaged, rusted, corroded, or if the refrigerant starts leaking out. These issues can cause a HVAC system to fail, and the temperature to be pushed out of the ideal range, potentially contaminating food with pathogens, and bacteria.

To ensure food safety and that HVAC equipment is working properly, handlers of refrigerated items should invest in a refrigeration coil replacement to keep temperatures in a safe range. Refrigeration coils from Rahn Industries are built to last and are constructed with anti-corrosive materials.

Refrigeration Coils

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