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Original equipment manufacturer – OEM Coils are the same as the coil that came in you HVAC system. They are made with the same materials, and the same specifications as the coil that came with the system.

Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of your coils and your HVAC system. But in case of extensive coil damage from freezing, corrosion, or harsh environmental conditions, repair will no longer be enough, and it will be time for a replacement coil.


OEM Coil Options

We have has mastered the art of building direct replacement coils for various manufacturers including, but not limited to:

  • Aaon
  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Lennox
  • Munters
  • York


We offer direct OEM replacements for booster coils, chilled water coils, condensing coils, DX/evaporator coils, Freeze Block Coils, hot water coils, IFB coils, MODU-Coils, and steam coils CRC will assign a dedicated engineer to review, visit, measure, or consult (virtually) by analyzing your exact requirements. CRC then generates drawings, performance evaluations, and quotations – while taking responsibility for your coil and/or product solution. We deliver unparalleled service, allowing the mechanical contractor and end-customer to focus on their core assets and property management responsibilities.

OEM Coils

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